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        Committed to Constructing Sustainable Development Management System
        Sustainable Development Commitment

        Together with society, strive for a better tomorrow.

        With Customers
        CATL is always customer-centered. It offers excellent products and services to generate maximum value and pursues win-win cooperation with customers. CATL has a continuous mission to perfect its management system, to take the lead in terms of products, to improve service quality, to rapidly respond to customers’ needs, and to exceed their expectations.
        With Investors
        CATL has a diligent and responsible management team which strives to improve CATL’s performance to repay its investors. CATL emphasizes on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of small and medium investors. It discloses information in strict accordance with the requirements of listed companies and relevant internal regulations. Through a variety of channels to receive opinions and inquiries from investors, CATL keeps a sound communication with investors, listens to their voices, and accepts their supervision.
        With Suppliers
        Sustainable development is a crucial part of CATL’s procurement strategy, with a proper proportion in determining supplier certification, performance evaluation, and procurement decisions. The procurement business helps suppliers improve their sustainable development management abilities, encourage suppliers to operate their businesses in an environmentally friendly way,  to make sure that products and services meet the requirements of sustainable development from the beginning. 
        With Products
        CATL carries out full life-cycle quality management in product R&D, material supply, manufacturing, and market operation of the product. Safety is always the utmost priority, which enables CATL to offer safe new energy products to customers, thus laying its foundation  for sustainable development. 
        With the Environment
        CATL committed to producing green and clean products. The company insists on adopting advanced pollution control processes to ensure that emissions in the production process of products comply with standards and regulations. Meanwhile, CATL continuously optimizes from R&D, design, procurement, application, and recycling to reach that the products have nearly zero impact on the environment during the full life circle to meet the requirements of sustainable development.
        With Staff
        CATL upholds the core values of Refine, Enable, Strive and Innovate. It welcomes talents from all walks of life and builds an open talent structure to enable talents to grow along with the company. CATL promises not to discriminate against or unfairly treat employees in terms of race, religious belief, gender, nationality, age, marital status, disability and sexual orientation in employment, pay, training and promotion opportunities. Besides, the use of forced or debt-paying labors or child labors is strictly prohibited. 
        With Society
        CATL actively assumes social responsibility, enthusiastically participates in targeted poverty alleviation and social public welfare undertakings, and constantly fulfills the commitment to sustainable development. While striving to develop and expand, CATL will remain committed to its mission and continue to forge ahead. It will join forces with all sectors of the society to create good community relations, make greater contributions to human society.
        Focus Areas
        Information Disclosure
        Public Relationship
        Code of Conduct
        Labour Welfare
        Production Safety
        Energy Management
        Information Security
        Green Product
        Supply Chain Sustainability
        Supply Chain Sustainability Development Management
        • Commitment
        • Supply Chain Sustainability Report
        2018 Responsible Cobalt Supply Chain Progress Report
        To Be Published
        Sustainable Supply Chain Management Policy
        Due Diligence Management Policy for Responsible Mineral Resources Supply Chain
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